2020-06-16 / News

Wondershare & Pond5 Announce a New Strategic Partnership

Pond 5, a global leader in multimedia content, and Wondershare today announced an agreement that includes a global licensing partnership, enabling Wondershare Filmstock members to use Pond 5 contents within Wondershare products for video creation. Over 14 million multimedia pieces under Pond5, including videos, audios, and images, etc., have all been connected to the Filmstock platform and are now available for global video creators and designers for use under their subscription plan. Conveniently, both the data of Filmstock and the data of Pond5 are upgraded simultaneously. This means that the resources of the Filmstock platform are enriched in real-time, which further strengthens Wondershare’s lead in the empowerment of digital creative resources.

A perfect match: video meets creative multimedia for dynamic visual storytelling

In this digital world, the demand for videos over images has largely increased, since motion graphics can attract and entertain the audience, telling stories in a way that still images cannot. For creators and brands, video editing software and stock media are crucial components to visual storytelling, which is where the Filmstock platform comes in.

“Creating stories with video is now essential for brands, creative marketers, and content producers. Our latest partnership with Wondershare enables the next wave of video creators, many of whom are just getting introduced to the world of pre-made footage, music and other creative elements, to instantly visualize and tell stories like never before,” says Tom Crary, CEO of Pond5. “It was a natural fit, combining Pond5’s vast media library and industry-leading API and search technology with Filmora’s highly-regarded position in the dynamic content creation space.”

Wondershare’s CEO & Chairman, Tobee Wu, wholeheartedly agrees with the decision to combine forces with Pond5, and is thrilled about the new partnership, especially considering the world’s emerging reliance on video software.

“Video chat and short video have become ubiquitous. With the rapid development of 5G and the gradual improvement of intellectual property awareness, a new era of ‘video first’ is coming,” says Wu. “Wondershare, together with the world-famous multimedia content provider Pond5, will realize the complementary advantages of resource sharing, grasp the pulse of the times, and boost the high-quality collaborative development of digital creative business.”

Filmstock and the rising demand for royalty-free media

The deployment of 5G technology makes short videos, like TikTok and YouTube Vlogs, more and more popular among the general public nowadays. From this, a whole new “Video First” era is emerging. Since different types of videos, all need the support of resources, and China and the video industry is attaching greater importance to copyright protection, short videos will see a drastic increase in copyright protection. This will place higher requirements on multimedia resource users and bring brand new development opportunities to cloud platforms focused on pooling copyrighted resources, such as Filmstock.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a gradual increase in the awareness of copyright and pay-for-knowledge, as well as the growing number of copyrighted pieces in China. According to estimates by Intelligence Research Group, copyrighted images expect to occupy over 30% of market share in the future. By 2020, the actual sales of the copyrighted image market expect to reach over 10 billion yuan. The copyrighted images expect to account for 42.9% of the total market (the same as that of copyrighted videos), which shows great market potential.

To catch up with the market trend, Wondershare introduced the online cloud platform called Filmstock in March 2019, for the purpose of sharing royalty-free digital creative media. Filmstock is also known as the “Taobao Store” for its pool of multimedia resources. It specializes in selling four major categories of “products,” i.e., special effects, images, audios, and videos in 23 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese.

Unlimited video effects, audio, and stock media – just a few clicks away

With access to Filmstock’s official website, users can quickly find the materials they need, categorized by media type (special effects, videos, audios, images). You can also search by keyword to get the exact materials you want. For example, typing in the keyword “sky” brings up thousands of pages of materials related to skies, and a huge amount of resources to choose from. You can preview a page by placing your cursor on the page. Once you’ve found the materials you want, you can simply click to purchase any media that you are interested in.

As an important component of Wondershare’s development of digital creative applications, Filmstock focuses on the steady construction of a professional copyrighted multimedia resource platform. Since its initial release, Filmstock is committed to becoming the world-leading digital creative resource provider that makes resource collection more efficient and video making easier.

The benefits of Pond5 combined with Wondershare’s creative applications

The partnership with Pond5 has enabled Filmstock, a worldwide dealer, to further enrich its global pool of media resources and empower video makers and designers to produce creative work. As one of the world’s largest multimedia content providers, Pond5 was established in 2006 and boasts a global presence, operating in over 100 countries, owning tens of millions of pieces of resources with 60,000 content creators. The multimedia resources under Pond5 have expanded to include videos, music, sound effects, 3D, Effects templates, images and illustrations, and more.

Unlike the platforms that only offer multimedia resources, Filmstock can make use of both Wondershare’s digital creative applications and its pool of multimedia resources to continuously offer highly cost-effective resources for its global users self-operation and partnership. Right now, Wondershare continues to work on digital creative applications and providing cutting-edge, simple, and easy-to-use digital creative apps and services to the massive amount of new generation of global Internet users. Our product line includes the cloud platform for sharing digital creative resources, the video creative app Wondershare Filmora, the video converter app Wondershare UniConverter, and online drawing app Wondershare Edraw Max.

Recently, Wondershare has made strategic investments in MockingBot, the largest online prototyping and coordination platform in China, and has further enlarged its portfolio of creative digital apps as a result.

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