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Transfer content between iPhone & Android– in just one-click!

Transfer over all of your data – including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps – with no risk or loss of quality. Fully compatible with iTunes 12.2, iOS 8.4/iOS 9, and Android 5.0
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Make moving to your new device an easy transition with this Mac phone transfer tool (fully compatible with Android 6.0 MarshmallowNew icon, iOS 9). You can transfer over all of your data – including contacts, text messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and apps – with no risk or loss of quality.

One Click Cross Platform Phone Transfer

Whether you're upgrading phones, switching to a different device or changing carriers, your content needs to move with you. In just 3 simple steps, MobileTrans for Mac can transfer all of your content to your new device.

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Supported files

Move all compatible files between different types of phones and carriers.
Don't just transfer names and numbers; also transfer job title, email address, company name, and more!

transfer files between phones

Support for 3,000+ Phones and Different Networks

Contacts Messages Calendar Photos Music Video Call logs Apps
Android to Android
Android to iOS
Android to WinPhone

iOS to Android  
iOS to iOS
iOS to WinPhone

WinPhone 8/8.1 to Android

WinPhone 8/8.1 to iOS

WinPhone 8/8.1 to WinPhone

iTunes Backup to Android

iTunes Backup to iOS

iTunes backup to Winphone


iCloud to Android

iCloud to iOS

iCloud to Winphone


Symbian to Android
Symbian to iOS

BlackBerry Backup to Android  
BlackBerry Backup to iOSNew icon

OneDrive to Android

OneDrive to iOS


Backup Your Phone and Restore in 1 ClickNew icon

Backup Phone to Mac & Restore Anytime

Put aside all fears that you might lose personal data on your phone. With MobileTrans for Mac, you can back up contacts, SMS, music, and more from phone to Mac with 1 click. Then, restore from the saved backup file without any hassle.

100% Safe Backup, No Loss

Everything you backup are just the same as the original one on your phone. Nothing will be lost.

Extract BlackBerry/Onedrive Backup to Android Device/iDevice

Ditch your old BlackBerry or Windows Phone, but don't want to leave anything behind? Don't worry. This tool makes it super easy to extract backups made by BlackBerry® Desktop Suite or Onedrive and transfer contacts, SMS, etc. to Android phone or iDevice.

Get iTunes Backups for Android Device /iDevice

This mobile transfer for mac tool empowers you to retrieve iTunes backups and transfer SMS, contacts, photos, etc. to iDevice or Android phone.

Retrieve Data from iCloud Backup to AndroidNew icon

You can retrieve data from iCloud backup to any supported Android phone, transfer contacts, text messages, photos, calendar and more.

erase your old phone

Erase Your Old Phone/Tablet PermanentlyNew icon

Selling, donating or recycling your old Android device, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Deletion or factory reset is simply not enough to secure your personal data. Some recovery tool easily gets them back. Worry about it? You don't have to. Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac makes it a permanent deletion effortlessly. It helps to scan and permanently erase all existing data and all deleted data which still stays in the phone memory. Nothing is recoverable.

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REVIEWS Our Customers Love MobileTrans for Mac – and You Will, Too


Jan 28,2016 12:28 pm

It worked!

Apple''s "Move to IOS" utility would only transfer Google contacts - not ones on my phone only. This utility DID! All photos came thru sorted by the folders they were in. It''s rather expensive at ...


Nov 05,2015 16:26 pm

first try

I did not really believe it would really work but it actually did. 476 songs copied from my iPad to my iPhone it about seven minutes. I''m back in business.

John Schulte




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